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"It's about respect -respect for earth, respect for water, respect for all life."                                    
                                                                            Chief Oren Lyons (Faithkeeper, Onondaga Nation)

Taos, N.M.- Native Children's Survival's (NCS) groundbreaking music single "Who's Gonna Save You" has been released to
Triple A radio stations in the Southwest, specifically Santa Fe, Taos and Durango while the global release drop date is set for the fall.

"Who's Gonna Save You" is the first in a series of music pictures and music singles to be released from Eagle Thunder Entertainment in support of Native Children's Survival's Project Protect Awareness Campaign. Musician and founder of NCS Robby Romero selected to debut the single in the Southwest as he is from New Mexico and sees on a daily basis the horrific environmental degradation of the most critical global issues: climate change.

"There are approximately 370 million Indigenous Peoples that have survived the Doctrines of Discovery," says Romero. "A majority of Indigenous People live on the front lines at the point of impact. With most of the world's natural resources found in Indigenous lands and territories, Indigenous Peoples are the first to experience the unnecessary destruction of land and life and the devastating impacts of climate change.

Through today's arts, technology, local media reach, social-networking, our sisters and brothers around the world have an opportunity to benefit from our prophecies, traditional wisdom and experience in adapting to the impacts of climate change."  

Romero's music single and music picture powerfully tackle issues of human-induced global climate change and the importance of the fight for the rights of Mother Earth and all of her children.

The music picture follows a teenage Apache Peace Warrior Tracy Polk Jr. on his skateboard as he journeys through Crescent City post-Katrina. It was shot in New Orleans.  As he travels through the aftermath in the 9th Ward and the nightlife of the French Quarter, visions of natural and manmade disasters and their profound warnings fill his mind as prophesied by his ancestors.

"Nature, the first people, and the spirit of our ancestors are giving great warnings," said Thomas Banyacya, Hopi Elder, messenger of the Hopi prophecy at his United Nations address. "If we human beings do not wake up to the warnings, the great purification will come to destroy the world---just as the previous worlds were destroyed."

Romero is a seasoned musician, producer and director and has shared the stage with Yusuf Isla (Cat Stevens), Carlos Santana, Jimmy Cliff, Bonnie Raitt, John Lee Hooker, Arlo Guthrie, Steve Miller, Ziggy Marley and many more.  He spent much of his childhood in the company of Dennis Hopper, a relationship that would in turn have a powerful impact on his own creativity.  

"Who's Gonna Save You" music and lyrics are by Robby Romero and Steve Addabbo. They are also the producers. It is published by Eagle Thunder Music and AGF Music.  The musicians are Robby Romero, vocals, guitars, native flute, native drums, native percussion; Steve Addabbo, guitar, keyboard; Daniel Sadownick, udo drum; Michael Visceglia, bass; Lisa Fischer, vocal; Dakota Romero, vocal; Arctic Village Children's Choir, vocals; Ben Addabbo, vocal; Jon Addabbo, vocal and Brenden Picone, vocal. 

"Who's Gonna Save You," had its world broadcast premiere during the United Nations Annual Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP17), which was held Nov. 28 to Dec. 9, 2011 in Durban, South Africa. It premiered on South African Broadcasting Company's (SABC 1) Yo TV on Friday, Dec. 2. Yo TV reaches millions of young people daily. In conjunction with the music picture premiere on Dec.
2, Romero made a live appearance on e.TV's "Sunrise" show in Johannesburg with an Indigenous African youth choir.

"Who's Gonna Save" will be released in a DVD/CD eco package this November during Native American Heritage Month. The two-disc set is available now and for a limited time exclusively at the Project Protect website ( 

"Who's Gonna Save You" is the first in a Project Protect series. The next music single and music picture, "All Our Colors," is currently in production and being filmed on location around the world. "All Our Colors" focuses on bridging the gap between east and west Indigenous Peoples, human rights, and the environment. 

Native Children's Survival (NCS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about critical issues facing Mother Earth, her children and the seventh generation to come. For more than two decades, NCS has created award winning music, music videos,
music pictures, public service announcements, and rockumentary films that have reached millions of people from all walks of life through broadcasts on CNN, MTV, VH1, Sundance Channel, and many other networks around the world.

"Your musical talent and leadership in the Native American community will undoubtedly help commemorate the United Nations adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples for years to come."  
                           Letter to Romero from Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader and 60th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

About Robby Romero and Native Children's Survival
Native Children's Survival  was founded by Robby Romero in 1989, in the aftermath of the 1986 catastrophic nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. His first music video campaign "Is It Too Late," was broadcast around the world from the Kremlin, following President Gorbachev's historical environmental speech at the 1990 Global Forum in Moscow and in 1991 on CNN's "Earth Matters."

In 1990 Romero's first music picture "Is It Too Late" screened at the United Nations General Assembly, UN Headquarters in New York City during the Children and the Environment project. At this event, he was presented the title of United Nations Ambassador of Youth for the Environment and a certificate of appreciation from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) signed by Executive Director Mostafa K. Tolba.

His efforts have gone beyond Native American concerns and now include Indigenous peoples from around the world. On behalf of NCS, Romero has created a series of politicized rockumentary films and PSA campaigns including his debut on MTV Networks with music singles and videos, "Prayer Song," "Heartbeat," and "Makoce Wakan: Sacred Earth" to introduce the music television generation to contemporary Native Peoples and to help support legislation in Congress to protect Native Peoples Sacred Sites and Freedom of Religion. The legislation was successful and the campaign won the industry's prestigious Cable Ace Award. The rockumentary film generated the highest viewer response of any show MTV Networks had aired to date at that time.

Romero's band Red Thunder began with Indigenous musicians from the Americas (American Indians) weaving together traditional and contemporary instruments into a sound Romero calls Native Rock. The new single and the singles to follow from this project and awareness campaign feature a lineup of Indigenous musicians from around the world, playing traditional instruments from every continent.            

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