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Santa Fe, N.M. -Seamless Medical Systems will launch a new innovative patient registration product in October 2012 that will completely transform the way patients check in for appointments with their doctors. 

SNAPTM, a HIPAA-compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) patient platform will replace lengthy registration forms with an iPad to eliminate paper, printing, scanning, shredding and retyping data.  The product will enhance practice efficiency by reducing errors, eliminating waste and providing immediate cost savings. 

Everyone can relate to a long wait in a doctor's office and the frustration of filling out the same forms each visit.  SNAPTM improves a patient's experience with cutting-edge technology to ease the patient-registration process and by providing customized health information from the Mayo Clinic. They will also be able to play games and browse digital magazines such as New Mexico Magazine, Outside, Diabetic Living, Parents, American Baby, Siempre Mujer and Ser Padres.  Patients will be able to take the iPad into examination rooms with them and take notes about their visit and email that information to themselves.

"SNAPTM brings the waiting room into the 21st century for the hundreds of thousands of medical practices in the U.S.," says David Perez, CEO and founder of Seamless Medical Systems. "It digitizes the front desk workflow and produces immediate cost savings while being easy to use for people of all ages. Patients love using SNAPTM.  It's an innovative technology whose time has come."

The SNAPTM technology includes secure, two-way exchange of patient data with electronic health records. In addition, SNAPTM includes standardized registration, medical information and HIPAA consent forms.

"When I first heard about SNAPTM, I thought ‘wow'," says David S. Joseph, president and CEO of Avisa Pharma, Inc. Joseph has been in the health care field almost 40 years as a hospital administrator and life science center director. "Think about it for a moment: No one has addressed the point-of-entry before now. We are still in the quill and ink era having to fill out several forms that then need to be transcribed.  SNAP is a brilliant idea and a very important development. It will transform the patient's experience in the waiting room and make it a positive one with interesting and informative, relevant and timely health content from the Mayo Clinic. " 

"As a patient, I would be very reassured by the presence of SNAPTM in my provider's office, it would give a strong impression that the practice is modern and responsive in all aspects of the care they provide," says Dr. Timothy Perez, director of Minimally Invasive General Surgery, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. "SNAP's presence in the waiting room, beyond its time and cost savings, would do wonders for the patient's perception of the quality and professionalism of care."

Jennifer Marshall