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Thursday, April 22, 2010                                                 


Santa Fe, New Mexico-The best emerging Native American artists will join Native Treasures, the two-day Indian Arts Festival, this year exhibiting their pottery, jewelry, painting, beadwork, photography, woodwork, and sculpture at the Santa Fe Convention Center, just off the plaza in historic downtown Santa Fe.  Native Treasures will take place May 22 and 23 and proceeds benefit the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture. 

"One of the hallmarks of Native Treasures over the years has been our goal to have about one third of the artists at the show be new every year," says Ardith Eicher, Co-Chair of Native Treasures.  "That way different artists have the opportunity to participate in the show and collectors have the fun of discovering new artists each year." 

Organizers of this year's show took that philosophy to the next level by working with the Poeh Center in Pojoaque and with the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) in Santa Fe to identify talented student artists to participate in this year's event. 

"We are really happy to give these emerging artists a special platform to showcase their talent," says Eicher.  "It will be a wonderful opportunity for them to stand alongside some of the biggest names in the Indian art world and I think the established artists love seeing what these up-and-coming artists are doing."

Twenty two emerging artists will inaugurate the Emerging/Student Artists section of Native Treasures. They are Zelda Abeita (Santo Domingo), Rachele Agoyo (Cochiti/Santo Domingo), Jeanette Arquero (Cochiti), Gomeo Bobelu (Zuni), Mabel Cata (Ohkay Owingeh), Jerry Dunbar (Tigua/Ysleta del Sur), Linda Dunson-Irene (Muscogee Creek), Ray Garcia (San Felipe), Kenna (Yaqui/Tarasca/Huichol), Aaron Lopez (Mixtec), Shirley Mares (Yakama), Michael Martinez (San Ildefonso), Melissa Melero (Paiute), Lena Munoz (Paiute/Ysleta Tigua), Edward Lee Natay (Navajo/Santo Domingo), Ehren K. Natay (Navajo/Santo Domingo), Betty J. Padilla (Navajo), Lindsey Shakespeare (Mescalero Apache), David-Alexander Hubbard Sloan (Navajo), Michele Tapia-Browning (Pojoaque/Santa Clara), Roy Tenorio (San Felipe), and Marcus Wall (Jemez).

Not all of these artists are young kids.  In fact, two of the artists are a father and son.  Edward Natay, 75, had learned some silversmithing techniques from his own father early in life.  But when he had a family of his own, he put his art aside to concentrate on raising his family.  Just a few years ago, he decided to take a jewelry-making class at the Poeh Center.  His son, Ehren, 25, recently returned to New Mexico after working as a musician in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Ehren saw a belt buckle that his father had made and was inspired to give it a try too.  Now they sit right across from each other in their class (taught by another Native Treasures artist, Fritz Casuse) and help each other along. 

"All of the students at Poeh have formed a great community and help one another progress and Fritz is a wonderful teacher," says Ehren.  "We are so lucky to have this great resource."  

People who attend the Native Treasures show will have the opportunity to compare and contrast Edward's more traditional style with Ehren's more contemporary aesthetic. 

"Emerging artists not only receive the benefit of increased exposure at Native Treasures; they also add immeasurably to the changes we are experiencing in Native American and contemporary art in America," says Museum of Indian Arts Director, Shelby Tisdale. "We're constantly seeing the creation of art that uses unique combinations of modern and traditional methods and very contemporary thematic elements." 

"There's a great mix of local, national and international people who attend Native Treasures," adds Karen Freeman, Co-Chair of the show. "We look forward to introducing these talented new artists and their work to everyone at Native Treasures."



Native Treasures, now in its sixth year, is an invitational art show and sale featuring the best Native art in the U.S.  Proceeds benefit the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture in Santa Fe, NM


  • Museum-quality art from almost 200 artists from 40 tribes and pueblos
  • Best and brightest of the Indian Art world
  • Santa Fe's only museum-quality Indian Art show
  • Musical entertainment
  • Food by Cowgirl BBQ
  • Relaxed, intimate event for collectors, dealers and visitors
  • 2010 "Living Treasure" award to outstanding Nambe potter Lonnie Vigil


WHEN:          Saturday May 22 & Sunday May 23, 2010
Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., $5; Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Free
(Early Bird Market Saturday, 9 a.m. - 10 a.m., $15)
Festival tickets available at entrance.

Friday, May 21, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Benefit Pre-Sale Gala, offering special pieces selected by each artist.
Attendees will meet the artists and mingle with other collectors.
Hors d'oeuvres and wine will be served;
$75. This includes an Early Bird ticket for Saturday.
Tickets: 505-982-6366, ext. 112.

WHERE:       Santa Fe Convention Center at the corner of Marcy and Grant Streets; Santa Fe, NM
INFO:             505-476-1250; www.nativetreasuressantafe.org

PLEASE CONTACT Jennifer Marshall, 505-231-1776, jennifer@jmarshallplan.com

NATIVE TREASURES 2010 PARTICIPATING ARTISTS (186 artists <73 new> as of 4/3/10)

Pottery                                  From                                   Tribal Heritage
Allen Aragon *                        ABQ                                     Navajo
Wanda Aragon *                     ABQ                                     Acoma
Lawrence Atencio                     Ohkay Owingeh                     Ohkay Owingeh
Romaine Begay                      Silver City                             Navajo
Camille Bernal                        SF                                        Taos
Virgie BigBee                          Tesuque                               Tesuque
Caroline Carpio                       Peralta                                 Isleta
Larry Chino                             Acoma                                  Acoma
Preston & Debra Duwyenie         Espanola                               Hopi/Santa Clara
Glendora Fragua                       ABQ                                     Jemez
Sharon Naranjo Garcia               Ohkay Owingeh                      Santa Clara
Cavan Gonzales                        San Ildefonso                        San Ildefonso
Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano            ABQ                                     Cochiti/Santo Domingo
Rondina Huma *                       Polacca, AZ                            Tewa/Hopi
Melvin & Marietta Juanico            Acoma                                   Acoma
Dina Kabotie *                          Bernalillo                               Jicarilla Apache
Alan Lasiloo *                           Zuni                                       Zuni
Joseph & Nona Latoma               San Felipe                             San Felipe
Gregory Lonewolf *                     Espanola                                Santa Clara
Joseph Lonewolf *                      Espanola                                Santa Clara
Rosemary Lonewolf                     Espanola                                Santa Clara/Tewa
Rebecca Lucario *                       San Fidel                               Acoma
Elizabeth Manygoats                   Tonalea, AZ                            Navajo
Samuel Manymules                    Tuba City, AZ                          Navajo
Dusty & Bernice Naranjo               Espanola                                Santa Clara/Taos
Geri Naranjo                                Espanola                                Santa Clara
Jody Naranjo                               ABQ                                       Santa Clara
Kevin Naranjo                             Espanola                                Santa Clara
Joseph & Eunice Naranjo *            Espanola                                Santa Clara
Glen Nipshank *                          SF                                          Big Stone Cree
Shelden Nunez-Velarde *              Dulce                                     Jicarilla Apache
Janice Ortiz                                 ABQ                                       Cochiti
Pahponee                                   Elizabeth, CO                          Kansas Kickapoo
Robert Patricio *                          Acoma                                   Acoma
Vernida Polacca *                        Polacca, AZ                              Hopi
Marilyn Ray *                               San Fidel                                Acoma
Edna Romero *                            Taos                                       Santa Clara
Monica Romero                            Espanola                                 Santa Clara
Jean Sahmie                                Polacca, AZ                             Hopi
Lilly Salvador *                             Acoma                                   Acoma
Anita Suazo *                               Espanola                                Santa Clara
Judy, Lincoln, & Sarah Tafoya         Espanola                                 Santa Clara
LuAnn Tafoya *                             Espanola                                Pojoaque/Santa Clara
Stella Teller *                                Isleta                                     Isleta
Robert Tenorio                              Santo Domingo                         Santo Domingo
Camilla Toya *                              Jemez                                      Jemez
Dominique Toya *                          Jemez                                     Jemez
Maxine Toya *                               Jemez                                     Jemez
LaDonna Victoriano                         Acoma                                     Acoma
Lonnie Vigil *                                 Nambe                                     Nambe
Kathleen Wall                           Jemez                                                Jemez
Daryl Whitegeese *                   Espanola                                Pojoaque/Santa Clara

Andrew Redhorse Alvarez       Castaic, CA                           Colville/Apache
Keri Ataumbi                            SF                                          Kiowa
Fidel Bahe *                              Winslow, AZ                                    Navajo
Abraham Begay                        Flagstaff, AZ                                    Navajo
Darryl & Rebecca Begay          Gallup                                   Navajo
Eddie Begay                             Waterflow                             Navajo
Leroy Begay                             Pinon, AZ                             Navajo
Ernest & Veronica Benally       Gallup                                   Navajo
Heidi BigKnife *                      Tulsa, OK                              Shawnee
Aaron Brokeshoulder                ABQ                                     Choctaw/Shawnee
Althea Cajero                            Placitas                                  Santo Domingo/Acoma
Fritz Casuse                              SF                                          Navajo
Frank & Evelyn Chee               Vanderwagon                       Navajo
Jennifer Curtis                           ABQ                                     Navajo
Marian Denipah                        Flagstaff, AZ                                    Navajo-Tewa
Terrence & Dorothy Emery      Corrales                                 Ojibway/Jemez
Venus Etsitty *                         Gallup                                   Navajo
Jacqueline Gala                         Taos                                       Taos
Connie Tsosie Gaussoin            SF                                          Navajo/Picuris
David Gaussoin                        SF                                          Navajo/Picuris
Wayne Nez Gaussoin                SF                                          Navajo/Picuris
Robert Gress                             Espanola                                Crow
Shane Hendren                         ABQ                                     Navajo
Tommy Jackson *                     Ganado, AZ                          Navajo
Steve LaRance                          Flagstaff, AZ                                    Hopi
Jake Livingston *                      Houck, AZ                            Navajo/Zuni
Glenda Loretto                         SF                                          Jemez
Anthony Lovato                       Pena Blanca                          Santo Domingo
Jennifer Medina                        Santo Domingo                     Santo Domingo
Toney Mitchell                          Flagstaff, AZ                                    Navajo
Isaiah Ortiz *                            San Felipe                             San Felipe
Norbert Peshlakai                      Gallup                                   Navajo
Chris Pruitt *                             Paguate                                 Laguna
Pat Pruitt                                   Paguate                                 Laguna
Tonya June Rafael *                 Prewitt                                  Navajo
Michael Roanhorse                   Rio Rancho                           Navajo

Ken Romero                              ABQ                                     Laguna/Taos
Nick Rosetta                             Santo Domingo                     Santo Domingo
Maria Samora                            Taos                                       Taos
Marvin Slim                              Ganado, AZ                          Navajo
Mark Stevens                            Laguna                                  Laguna
Mary Tom *                              Winslow, AZ                                    Navajo
Olin Tsingine                             Phoenix, AZ                          Hopi/Navajo
Liz Wallace                               SF                                          Navajo
Wilbert Yazzie *                       Winslow, AZ                                    Navajo

Gregory Analla                         ABQ                                     Isleta/Laguna
Joe Cajero *                            Placitas                                Jemez
Alano Edzerza *                        Vancouver, BC                      Tahltan
Upton Ethelbah, Jr.                    ABQ                                    Santa Clara/White Mountain Apache
Evelyn Fredericks *                     Kykotsmovi, AZ                    Hopi
Alvin John                                 Phoenix, AZ                         Navajo
Melvin John *                             Tuba City, AZ                      Navajo
Vincent Kaydahzinne                   Artesia                               Mescalero Apache
Carol Lujan                                Tempe, AZ                           Navajo
Ed Archie NoiseCat                      SF                                      Salish
Adrian Wall                                SF                                     Jemez

Marla Allison                            Laguna                                 Laguna
Thomas Begay                         Teec Nos Pos, AZ                  Navajo
Nocona Burgess                        Cochiti Lake                          Comanche
DeHaven Solimon Chaffins*        New Laguna                         Laguna/Zuni
Ronald Chee                             Costa Mesa, CA                    Navajo
Dolores Purdy Corcoran              Topeka, KS                           Caddo
Aaron Freeland                         Farmington                            Navajo
Terrance Guardipee                   Issaquah, WA                         Blackfeet
Benjamin Harjo, Jr.                     Oklahoma City, OK                Absentee Shawnee/Seminole
Ed Kabotie                                Bernalillo                               Hopi
Sheridan MacKnight *                 Palos Verdes, CA                    Chippewa
Stan Natchez *                          SF                                         Tataviam/Shoshone
Sallyann Paschall *                    SF                                         Cherokee
Mateo Romero                          Pojoaque                               Cochiti
Michelle Stogie Sinners               Espanola                                Santa Clara/Navajo/Laguna
Peterson Yazoo                         Ganado, AZ                            Navajo

Delbridge Honanie                     Flagstaff, AZ                          Hopi
Spencer Nutima                         Kykotsmovi, AZ                      Hopi
Lynn & Jayne Quam *                Zuni                                      Zuni/Navajo
Troy Sice *                                ABQ                                     Zuni
Elmer Yungotsuna *                   ABQ                                     Tewa/Hopi

Catherine BlackHorse                Issaquah, WA                        Seminole
Dorothy Grant                           Vancouver, BC                       Haida
Mona Laughing                         Navajo                                  Navajo
Jhane Myers-NoiseCat                SF                                       Comanche/Blackfeet
Penny Singer                            ABQ                                      Navajo
Toadlena Trading Post              Newcomb                                Navajo

Carol Naranjo                            Espanola                               Laguna
Everett Pikyavit                         Sacramento, CA                     Southern Paiute/Goshute

Orlando Dugi *                                                                       Navajo
Craig Kelly                                ABQ                                      Navajo
Dallin Maybee                           Phoenix, AZ                           Arapaho/Seneca
Kenneth Williams                     Taylorsville, UT                    Arapaho/Seneca

Walter BigBee                           Tesuque                             Comanche
Black Eagle                               Mountain Ranch, CA            Shoshone - Yokut
Debra Box *                              Colorado Springs, CO          Southern Ute
Dennis Esquivel                         SF                                     Ottawa/Chippewa
Laura Fragua-Cota                     Jemez                               Jemez
Nathan Hart *                           Oklahoma City, OK              Cheyenne
Robert Spooner Marcus              Ohkay Owingeh                    Ohkay Owingeh
Wanesia Misquadace                  SF                                      Fon da Lac
Therese Tohtsoni-Prudencio*       ABQ                                     Picuris/Navajo
Steve Wall                                 Jemez                                  Chippewa/Iroquois

Emerging/Student Artists (New Section This Year!)
Zelda Abeita *                          Santo Domingo                     Santo Domingo (Poeh; jewelry)
Rachele Agoyo *                        San Juan                                Cochiti/Santo Domingo   (Poeh; jewelry)
Jeanette Arquero *                    SF                                          Cochiti   (Poeh; pottery/jewelry)
Gomeo Bobelu *                        SF                                          Zuni   (jewelry)
Mabel Cata *                             Ohkay Owingeh                       Ohkay Owingeh   (Poeh; jewelry)
Jerry Dunbar *                           SF                                          Tigua/Ysleta del Sur (Poeh; pottery/beadwork)
Linda Dunson-Irene *                 Stanley                                  Muscogee Creek   (Poeh; jewelry)
Ray Garcia *                              San Felipe                               San Felipe   (Poeh; pottery/jewelry)
Kenna *                                    SF                                          Yaqui/Tarasca/Huichol   (Poeh; jewelry)
Aaron Lopez *                            SF                                          Mixtec  (Poeh; jewelry)
Shirley Mares *                           Tesuque                                 Yakama   (Poeh; pottery/jewelry)
Michael Martinez *                      SF                                          San Ildefonso   (Poeh; jewelry)
Melissa Melero *                       SF                                          Paiute   (IAIA; painting)
Lena Munoz *                           Los Lunas                             Paiute/Ysleta Tigua   (IAIA; pottery/pastels)
Edward Lee Natay *                SF                                          Navajo/Santo Domingo   (Poeh; jewelry)
Ehren K. Natay *                      SF                                          Navajo/Santo Domingo   (Poeh; jewelry)
Betty J. Padilla *                       Espanola                                Navajo   (Poeh; jewelry)
Lindsey Shakespeare *             Mescalero                              Mescalero Apache (IAIA; soft sculpture/photography)
David-Alexander Hubbard Sloan *  SF                                 Navajo   (Poeh; jewelry/painting)
Michele Tapia-Browning *       SF                                          Pojoaque/Santa Clara   (Poeh; woodwork/photography/textiles)
Roy Tenorio *                           Algodones                             San Felipe   (Poeh; jewelry/carving/pottery)
Marcus Wall *                           Jemez Springs                       Jemez   (IAIA; pottery)

* = New to Native Treasures in 2010

Jennifer Marshall