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Friday, February 27, 2009                                                                   


(SANTA FE, NM) - HB 653 (Environmental Board Greenhouse Gas Rules) will be heard today in room 307 at 8:30 AM by the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

HB 622, the Green Jobs Bonding Act will be heard at 1:30 in room 317 by the House Taxation and Revenue Committee.

SB 318, Development Training Funds for Green Jobs, will be heard by the Senate Finance Committee at 1:30 in room 322.

SB 420, SB 318 and HB 622 will provide resources for schools, tribes, communities, and businesses to train a local workforce in 21st century green collar trades and attract sustainable green industries to New Mexico.

Green industries are those that enhance environmental quality by reducing pollution or producing products using sustainable processes and materials. Typical green jobs include solar panel installation, retrofitting existing buildings, water purification, bio-diesel production, organic gardening and green manufacturing.

"Because New Mexico is ranked #2 for its solar resources and #12 in the US for its wind resources, we are uniquely positioned to lead the emerging green economy," says Dr. John Fogarty, Executive Director for New Energy Economy.

New Mexico is ranked #2 for its solar resources and #12 in the US for its wind resources and is uniquely positioned to lead the emerging green economy.

House Speaker Ben Lujan is sponsoring HB 622- (Green Jobs Bonding Act-that would approve up to $20 million from a state revenue bond and have no impact on the general fund, to provide financial support for higher education institutions to create green job training programs.  Priority for funding will be given to programs that help disadvantaged populations such as low-income and rural constituencies.

In conjunction, Senator Eric Griego's bills will promote job creation and economic development by providing appropriate incentives for green industries to bring their businesses into New Mexico. SB 318-Development Training Funds for Green Jobs- if enacted will appropriate a minimum of $1 million dollars from Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) funds to aid green businesses, particularly small businesses, in supporting a new workforce. This bill will be heard today at 2:30 p.m. by the Senate Public Affairs Committee in Room 321.

Sen. Griego is also sponsoring SB 420 -Severance Tax Investment in Green Industries -which would allot up to $15 million of the Severance Tax Permanent Fund for New Mexico industries that provide green jobs to local residents.

"Altogether, the proposed green jobs package fits well with the goals of Gov. Richardson's Green Jobs Cabinet and supports President Obama's oft-stated interest in promoting clean renewable energy," states Fogarty.

Jennifer Marshall