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Monday, September 15, 2008


Albuquerque, N.M--How does the Nouveau Cosmeceuticals skincare line stand apart from all the others, including some of the best selling treatments used by people throughout the world?

Nouveau doesn't tout one expensive miracle ingredient.  Instead, with skincare expert Clifton Sanders at the helm, Nouveau has been formulated to contain cosmeceuticals, producing a series of synergistic processes to clean, astringe and protect the skin.  

Cosmeceuticals, cosmetic products that have drug-like benefits, can alter the function of the skin when used over a period of time.  With Nouveau, improved skin tone, wrinkle reduction, and age spot prevention and removal can be achieved without side effects. For acne, Nouveau doesn't dry out the skin like other popular products, and it is effective in only 30 days. This skincare line is optimal for both men and women, ages 16 to 80.

Founder and CEO Ace Hawkins launched Nouveau Cosmeceuticals in 2002, after deciding to take matters into her own hands. She was spending a small fortune on products for her acne-prone and sun-damaged skin and was exhausted keeping up with complicated daily regimens.

When Hawkins met world skincare authority Clifton Sanders that year she learned that for a skin product to be effective it has to penetrate the skin, not just sit on the surface.  Sanders has four decades of direct knowledge and expertise in the industry as a key member of development and research for many leading companies including Mary Kay, Coty, Maybelline and BeautiControl on everything from sunscreens to lipsticks.  Utilizing this knowledge, Hawkins' partnership with Sanders has created one of the best lines on the market, Nouveau Cosmeceuticals. Together, Sanders and Hawkins developed an easy to use yet effective line of fresh skin, hair and body products that Hawkins calls Nouveau. 

Effective absorption at the cellular level is the key to healthy skin. Traditional skin care is pH balanced, creating a long shelf-life for a product that sits on the surface, but cannot penetrate or rejuvenate the innermost layers of the skin. Skin is acidic, and can only absorb acidic products.   Hawkins learned that acidic products, if made fresh, could actually fix her skin.

In 2007, Hawkins expanded Nouveau from the US into Eastern Europe. Not only is she changing skin; she's changing the lives of people all over the world.  Nouveau makes skin clearer, smoother, and more youthful looking.

"I feel my skin looks younger and smoother - I radiate youth and vitality," raves customer Michele Roach.  "No other product made a difference in the overall appearance of my skin.  I like Nouveau so much that I have given it to my mom and a friend as gifts!"

Each of the 9 products in the Nouveau line (4 for face, 4 for body and 1 for hair) is made in small batches with the best, most active ingredients. A short shelf-life insures that the consumer is using a product that is still fresh and active.

The whole face line, with three simple steps, is just $125.  The Complete Nouveau System includes a Cell Preparation Cleansing Gel, a Cell Rejuvenation Serum and a Cell A.M./P.M. Hydration Crème.

Nouveau Hair System is a Cell Regenerating Scalp Treatment for hair thinning and loss."If you can stimulate the scalp and alleviate the DHT that causes thinning, you can rejuvenate growth" says Sanders.  "Hair falls out when there is poor blood circulation.  The Nouveau Hair System is a Cell Regenerating Scalp Treatment that invigorates hair growth by increasing oxygen flow to the roots and waking dormant follicles on the scalp, and by stemming the presence of DHT in these hair cells with two powerful DHT blockers. This scalp treatment is an effective hair care solution because it works to revitalize hair growth indefinitely." The scalp treatment is $65.00.

The Complete Body by Nouveau System includes a Cell Preparation Cleansing Gel, a Slimming & Sculpting Body Solution and a Cell Regenerating Firming Lotion for $154. 

What ultimately prompted Ace Hawkins to create the Nouveau line? 

"I decided it was time to create a product that put the consumer first," says Hawkins. "A product that didn't take a day planner to outline the A.M. / P.M. application steps. A product that is  affordable and, more than anything, a product that actually does what all of the others were promising. My philosophy is to make the very best and I'm thrilled with the results of Nouveau Cosmeceuticals."


I like these products MUCH better than any other I have tried. My skin already looks and feels better and it's been less than a week! ~Wanda Hardy

I noticed a great improvement in the area around my eyes. ~Carol Bodenchuk

I have seen an improvement in the pore texture (especially on my nose) and my skin has a more even tone all over.  I am soon to be 58 and am very happy with my skin.  Nouveau puts everything in a very neat regimen and gives wonderful  results besides. ~Melinda Fritschle

I decided to try Nouveau because of the simplicity and the ingredients.  I feel that these products are superior to most other products that I have tried.  My skin is softer, I have fewer lines, some tightening has occurred and sun blotches have faded.~Laura Palmer

I am so glad my best friend cared enough to send me such a special birthday gift!  After using the Nouveau System, I don't believe I will ever go back to my old product.  My face feels smoother and I adore the face wash.  I have used the product for 3 months and really can see a younger looking skin tone.  Thanks for such a nice product!~Sharon Loveless

I wanted something to help with the wrinkles around my eyes, short of a facelift.  I have seen GREAT results with Nouveau!!~Wanda Wheeler

I wanted something to decrease the lines around my eyes and nose.  Compared to other products I have tried, Nouveau is superior!  I have been using Nouveau for 4 months and already see a difference.  Lines are much diminished around my eyes.  My skin feels much smoother and makes me look younger.~Karol Kapust


  • Nouveau revitalizes skin and reduces the signs of aging
  • Significantly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smooths rough skin texture for ultimate skin care
  • Clears darkening under the eyes
  • Stimulates the renewal of skin cells
  • Restores elasticity to sagging skin
  • Hydrates skin dryness
  • Produces healthy skin coloration
  • Prevents other external and internal threats affecting aging skin.

Jennifer Marshall